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Supporting Business Ambitions

Transitioning Your “Thoughts into Things”

Whether you’re looking to establish a new business or to enter into, grow or reform an existing business, Kruger Legal Ltd. provides access to the support you need to advance your business ambitions.

Transitioning Your "Thoughts into Things"

Business ideas require careful consideration, planning and an ever-evolving sequence of actions to ultimately transition “thoughts into things”.

Navigating the Hurdles of Business Ownership

Far too often individuals may be on the cusp of successful business ownership, only to abandon their ideas due to the uncertainties and “red-tape” that go hand-in-hand with the process of going into, or staying in, business.

Regardless of where you are in this process, Kruger Legal Ltd. is well placed to provide access to the support you need to advance your business ambitions. 

Business Formation & Structuring

Choosing the correct business structure is an important step toward achieving the ambitions and goals you have for your venture.  Whether you choose to incorporate a company, enter into partnership or do business as a “sole trader”, your decision will affect how your venture interacts with the world around it.

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The available options each have their own benefits and risks to consider but virtually all successful organisations will agree that early management of these important considerations will lead to much more favourable outcomes in the long run.

Kruger Legal Ltd. will help you identify the most appropriate structure for your venture and can draft and advise on all associated documentation including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, company constitutions and related documents.  

Contracts, Website Terms & other Terms of Trade

In the same way that “good fences make good neighbours”, good contracts and agreements make good business relationships.

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Whether in writing or not, contracts and agreements will govern virtually all your business’s commercial interactions with your clients/customers, suppliers, contractors and employees.

Kruger Legal Ltd. can assist with drafting, reviewing and advising on:

  • general terms of trade & website terms

  • sale & purchase, confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements

  • franchising & licensing agreements

  • employment & contractor agreements.

Trademarks, Copyrights & other Intellectual Property

Whether it’s your business name, logo, inventions or trade secrets, your business’s intellectual property (IP) will likely become one of the most valuable assets of your business.

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Protecting your IP is as important as keeping your passwords private or locking your doors at night and there may be a number of options available to you in this respect, including:

  • Trademarks to protect identifying information like logos, names, slogans and colour schemes

  • Patents to protect inventions and designs

  • Contracts to monetise and manage risks associated with trade secrets and other IP.

Global Talent & Immigration

A significant portion of New Zealand-based businesses appreciate it is not always possible to attract the required skills or experience for a job, task or project from within New Zealand.

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In a technologically connected world, solutions can often be facilitated via online means but in many instances it is crucial for someone to be physically present in New Zealand to get the job done.

Kruger Legal Ltd. is vastly experienced in global talent mobility & immigration and can help ensure your business has access to the right people, when you need them.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Legal disputes are an unfortunate fact of life. It should always be the aim to try and resolve legal disputes outside of Court and having access to experienced dispute resolution lawyers could be the determining factor, especially when a dispute is in its early stages.

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Sometimes Court proceedings are unavoidable and on these occasions access to specialist litigation teams and/or experienced barristers is a must.

Kruger Legal Ltd. has extensive networks in New Zealand’s legal community and we work only with the best of the best to ensure our clients receive world-class legal representation.  

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