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We combine our specialist knowledge of applicable policy, with our wide-reaching networks to provide seamless and integrated solutions to those who plan to rely on their New Zealand investments for migration purposes.

Investment, Accounting and other Financial Services Provider Networks

Individuals who plan to invest in New Zealand can often find it challenging to “break into” the appropriate networks.

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In addition to maintaining a comprehensive understanding of private equity investments, Kruger Legal Ltd. actively develops and maintains effective networks with banking institutions, investment firms, property developers, accounting and other associated financial service providers in New Zealand.

We also develop and maintain networks with industry associations, economic development agencies and innovation hubs across New Zealand.

We introduce our investor clients to these networks (and the opportunities they present) and are proactive in helping build new networks where none yet exist.

Investor Visa Applications

New Zealand’s investor visa policies aim to attract experienced, high-value investors to help build and grow globally successful New Zealand businesses. Investor migrants play an important role in directly supporting New Zealand business with access to capital, knowledge, and connections to keep expanding.

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During September 2022, the New Zealand government replaced the former Investor 1 and Investor 2 Categories with the Active Investor Plus Visa Category.
Broadly speaking, this visa requires investor migrants to:

  • Invest a total of between NZ$5 million and NZ$15 million
  • Invest for three years and maintain the investment for a further fourth year.
  • Spend 117 days in New Zealand over the four-year conditional visa period.
  • Have a reasonable command of English

“Acceptable investments” carry different “weightings” towards the NZ$15m as follows:

  • Direct investments into private businesses enjoy a 3x weighting and can enable an investor to meet the required $15 million threshold by investing NZ$5m into direct investments.
  • Investments into private equity or venture capital funds enjoy a 2x weighting and can enable an investor to meet the required $15 million threshold by investing NZ$7.5m into private equity or venture capital funds.
  • Investments into listed equities and philanthropy receive no additional weighting and are capped at 50% of the NZ$15 million threshold.

With specialist knowledge and significant expertise in this unforgiving area of practice, including a track record of successfully representing some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Kruger Legal Ltd. is well equipped to advise on, to prepare and manage, comprehensive investment-based visa applications.

Investment Changes/Transfers and Compliance

Investment strategies are seldom static and investor visa applicants often wonder whether it is possible to change or transfer an investment without negatively impacting their visa application and/or their compliance with their visa conditions. 

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Immigration New Zealand has realistic expectations in this respect and changes to, or transfers of, investments can usually be accommodated if done correctly.

Kruger Legal Ltd. is experienced in advising on these matters and highly skilled at resolving issues regarding compliance in this respect.

Exceptional Circumstances & Policy Dispensations

Few prospective investor visa applicants may realise that, despite the existence of an apparently clear, strict set of rules, certain levels of discretion still exist when it comes to the processing and decision-making of associated visa applications.

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Surrounding circumstances can occasionally justify entering into negotiations with the New Zealand Government to seek flexibility with respect to any one or more criteria associated with a proposed visa application.

Kruger Legal Ltd. has significant expertise in knowing when to make a case seeking policy dispensations and has an excellent track record of facilitating favourable outcomes in this respect.

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