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Workplace-Related Resolutions

We focus our approach on the avoidance and early resolution of workplace related issues, while at the same time ensuring we provide access to industry-leading support when things do go wrong.

Kruger Legal Ltd. acts for employers and employees.

With a strong focus on the design and implementation of comprehensive front-end Workplace Law solutions, we help you create (or transform into) a safe, compliant and thriving workplace.

We focus our approach on the avoidance and early resolution of workplace-related issues, while at the same time ensuring we provide access to industry-leading support when things do go wrong.

Pre-Employment Questionnaires, Employment Agreements & Position Descriptions

Pre-employment questionnaires, employment agreements and job descriptions form the foundation of the employment relationship between an employer and employee.

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In many situations, a standard format or template will adequately govern the nature of the relationship but sometimes the surrounding circumstances demand a bespoke document to address a unique or unusual set of circumstances.

Depending on your business’s requirements,  Kruger Legal Ltd. can produce a standard set of related documents, or tailor-make  a bespoke suite of documents designed specifically with your organisation in mind.

Workplace Audits

Most businesses are so engaged in the “daily grind” that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the time to sit down and do a full review of the business’s workplace law practices, policies and related documentation.

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This is usually not visibly problematic until a business suddenly faces a dispute or formal legal proceedings based on one or more of its policies, documents or practices.

To prevent these scenarios from playing out and turning into time-consuming and expensive legal proceedings, Kruger Legal Ltd. offers a workplace audit to assess whether your workplace policies, practices and related documents reflect and promote your company’s culture and, importantly, whether there is broad compliance with what the law requires.

Workplace Policies

Workplace policies set out the expectations for employees and employers in the workplace.  Practically, they are the “rules of the game” and one of the most effective ways of managing the interactions between an organisation and its staff, contractors and visitors.

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These policies can cover a very wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • General conduct & performance

  • Uniforms and presentation

  • Hours of work and overtime

  • Health and safety

  • Travel, training and development

  • Privacy, conflicts of interest and confidentiality

  • IT, internet and social media usage

  • Alcohol & drug testing

Kruger Legal Ltd. is experienced in identifying which policies may benefit a business the most, drafting those policies and providing assistance around the training and implementation of those policies.

General Employment Law Advice

Workplaces and employment relationships in New Zealand are governed by a complex set of laws and regulations.  These rules are ever-evolving and frequently updated, making it difficult for employers and employees to stay on top of their rights and responsibilities.

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Disputes involving these rules frequently arise from unintentional “mistakes” and costly, stressful legal proceedings can often be avoided by working closely with a trusted advisor.

Providing workplace law solutions is an integral part of what Kruger Legal Ltd. does and we encourage employers and employees to discuss their workplace law related enquiries with us at the earliest possible opportunity.

Some examples of the topics we frequently discuss include:

  • Leave Entitlements

  • Payment of Wages and Salaries

  • Restructuring and Redundancies

  • Disciplinary Issues & Performance Management

  • Dismissals & Personal Grievances

Education & Training

Education and training make a fundamental contribution to the process of becoming and remaining a fully compliant workplace.

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For training and education to be effective, it is crucial for knowledge to be up to date and for complicated legal concepts to be clearly understood and explained to a diverse audience.

Kruger Legal Ltd. is experienced at providing training and information sessions directed at all levels of an organisation and we have an excellent track record of sharing knowledge around workplace laws and regulations, workplace policies and practices.

Employment Disputes, Personal Grievances, Negotiations, Mediation and Litigation

Workplace disputes are an unfortunate fact of life. It should always be the aim to try and resolve these disputes outside of Court and having access to experienced dispute resolution lawyers could be the determining factor, especially when a dispute is in its early stages.

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Sometimes Court proceedings are unavoidable and on these occasions access to specialist litigation teams and/or experienced barristers is a must.

Kruger Legal Ltd. has extensive networks in New Zealand’s legal community and we work only with the best of the best to ensure our clients receive world-class dispute and litigation support.  

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